Shop Local

We all have that local establishment we love to frequent. It may be a restaurant. Or perhaps a favorite hardware store. A place you feel comfortable and know your not a number or just another dollar in the till! We are one of those places. We love being in business here in Springfield. We enjoy the relationships we have built over the years. And best of all, the smiles we see everyday from the repeat customers, and the folks refered to us by those friends! Shopping local builds a strong and viable community. Small business is, and always will be the driving force in our economy. Don’t get me wrong. The big corporations were little once too. They supply jobs and money in to our local area. But, there is more to community than just money. We want to thank our loyal customers who have helped to keep us going through this ” bump in the road ” in our economic times. Small, local, family run business’s have a place today as they have since the birth of our great country. Shop local. You will make a difference! .